Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Pointsettas

Church.BETHANY CHURCH MEMORIAL POINSETTIAS The Bethany Church flower committee will once again be taking orders for Memorial Poinsettias. The plants will be on the altar beginning Sunday, December 19th. If you wish to purchase a Memorial Poinsettia, please complete the form below. Forms along with payment, (checks payable to: Bethany Church) must be returned to the church office, no later than Sunday, December 12th.

Poinsettias are red and the cost is $16.50 per plant.

Number of poinsettias you wish to purchase:_____

Bulletin to read:

Memorial Poinsettias are given by_________________________

[Please Check only one box]

In honor of______________________


In loving memory of_________________________

Call Sue Maywood at 223-0535 with questions.