Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Mission

PINS Christmas Gifts
For many years Bethany Church members have generously provided gifts for children involved with the Barre Office of the Division of Social Services. Tags with holiday wishes from individual children are available in the narthex this morning. Gifts will be received on December 12.

Thank you for helping foster parents and social workers provide a merry Christmas for children and youth who come from families that struggle to provide them with a safe, secure home.

Hanging of the Greens

Every year the Deacons take it on themselves to decorate the Sanctuary and church with greens. You are invited to help.

In the middle of winter when other trees seem dead EVERgreens are a symbol of life. They are a reminder that life with God is always green, always living, always possible.
People are invited to join the Deacons for soup and bread at 6:00 in the parlor. After we sup: swag, boughs, wreaths, wire, cutters, ladders, candles, lights, ribbons, bows, “Is this centered?” and “How does this look?” will all be a part of preparing for Advent and Christmas.

Joy in Toys
December 18th Toy Joy will happen again here at Bethany Church. This is an event that is only hosted by us. But there will be an opportunity for you to donate toys in good shape so others may simply have them or give them.

Toys may not be everyone's idea of Christmas. For children in our society, it is hard to separate Christmas from toys. Maybe the idea of bringing joy in God's name is enough of a reason to give. You KNOW you like getting gifts, so do the poor.