Monday, November 1, 2010

Scholarship Campaign for San Antonio Grande, El Salvador

San Antonio Grande

Three things have come out of having a Sister Parish in El Salvador: Love, Friendship, Hope. You can be a part of this.

Every visit made, every story told seems to embrace us in love that seems holy. We share love between our two communities because God first loved us. Friendships are made. Hope springs from the nourishment of love and friendship. Hope has many names, but one name is “Educational Scholarship”.

Before the love and friendship, most residents of San Antonio Grande had little or no schooling. Teachers were not paid by the government. Now there is funding for the early grades. But Bethany's early efforts mean that some students are now at University. The education scholarships that Bethany has provided give new hope to the community's struggle out of their poverty. Myra is in her 11th cycle of Medical School. In 2008 we met Roberto and Oden at Bethany. They are studying business and law. Soon our students will be graduating.

Last year Bethany provided scholarships for nine students. The need is no less this year. Our love and friendship is no less and our hope for making such a significant transformation in lives is no less. Our financial help will need to be no less.

All gifts can be given to Bethany Church if “San Antonio Scholarships” is listed on the check or envelope. This will be a way to change the world for the better, to nourish hope, and to feel the love of God.