Monday, November 15, 2010

Leave Something Besides an Empty Pew



ARE YOU C.L.E.A.R. on your Year-End Gift Planning?

If your are like many people, you do your major giving toward the end of the year. Perhaps the closing of the tax year reminds us that we are in a position to make a special gift now to take advantage of income tax deductions for 2010 and at the same time help perpetuate the many missions of Bethany Church in the Future.

The giving by some may be influenced by the spirit of Christmas and the opportunity to give to a worthy cause. Certainly a gift to one of Bethany’s Church’s endowment funds can help the church work thru lean years with out reducing missions. We are currently trying to encourage gifts to the Third Century Endowment Fund.

Here are five suggestions to make sure your gift plans are CLEAR for successful year-end giving.

Calculate your income.Estimate your tax liability for the year.Did earned or unearned income increase? Did you sell any appreciated assets? Will you owe more taxes? This alone may move you to increase your giving prior to December 31. Or, you may want to move some of your giving forward from next year to create a larger income tax deduction for the current year.

Life-income Gifts may meet your needs. Bethany Church can offer a variety of gift plans to fit your needs. You can make a gift now, obtain tax benefits and receive income for the rest of your life.

Early giving is the key. As the year winds down, professional advisers and others who might help you in your gift planning are busy. The sooner you get your gift planning underway, the better.

Advisers are an important part of your planning. Before making a significant gift, talk to your CPA, attorney, or other adviser to help you understand the impact of your gift on your tax situation.

Review your Stocks. It may be wise for you to make your year-end gift using appreciated securities. An outright transfer of the stocks could save you some capital gains tax.

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