Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From the Minister

“Why do you like your church?”

If you are asked, are you ready with an answer?

If you invite someone to join you for worship and they ask why you like your own church, do you know?

It certainly might be that it is just your church, always has been since you appeared in Montpelier and always will be. But some people do leave 'their' church, what has kept you here and attending? You might have once liked the minister, gotten involved with a now defunct club, been dragged by spousal unit or a parental type, liked the pot luck suppers, or just fell in to the habit. But you stayed. You did not find a new faith home, you still read the Dialogue. Why?

People? Well, we have all sorts, most of whom you like. You do have a few folks you are especially fond of. You might feel cared for, loved, surrounded by warmth, amused, challenged. We do seem to like each other. We have some diversity!

Spiritual nourishment? Ritual, spoken word, open prayer times, hugs, music, dance, drama, children, sacraments, scripture that is pertinent, reflections that engage and connect us to God, a minister's call, book study, small group, prayer group, Peace Service, labyrinth and the Working Chapel. That we make allowances for where ever anyone is on their spiritual journey - any or all of these might keep you here.

Mission? There is always something you can be involved in. Trips to El Salvador or to hear a speaker. Cooking for Bethany Bowl, the Good Samaritan Haven, fund raising dinners, Talent Show, or guest Missionary's. Yeah, we really cook here! Scholarships for Salvadorians, back packs and gifts for local children in state custody, canned food for hungry, Deacons Fund for those that struggle, shelter from the storm, space for local groups. We support missionary teachers and leaders around the world, around the country, and around the state. And we are often involved in disaster relief before the 6:00 news is reporting it has happened. Like it?

Music? The program invites everyone to be a part of the choir, bells, or Communion pick up anthem. It is always looking to please someone. There are several styles of music for worship and Doug Little adds seasoning.

Do not be shy about talking about those things that are not your favorite. Some might like that:

  • We never know exactly what is going to happen in worship!”

  • We seem stuck until after the Postlude”

  • The kids really run with glee during hospitality. Heck they do the same in worship!”

  • We are Open and Affirming”

  • We never have enough money!”

Help us reach more people who want what we have in a Church home.

Rev. Mark