Monday, November 1, 2010

Friend Raising Sunday, November 7

“Friend Raising” Sunday

Invite a friend for Friend Raising Sunday! Maybe invite an enemy or a stranger or a neighbor or a co-worker. Maybe that family member who has always said they do not like organized religion (you can introduce them to Rev. Mark).

Uniquely UCC from United Church of Christ on Vimeo.

But who ever you invite, let them know there are people here who seek justice, love kindness, and who walk humbly with God. They do not need to join us or even put something in the offering plate on November 7. But we would love to have them join us for worship. There are even note cards, if you want to write your invitation, available in the office.

This is a nation wide United Church of Christ event. The weekend will be kicked off with a new video from the UCC. If you are on line, look for it and then pass it along to those in your address book or facebook friends list. Even without this national support, Bethany would love to let people know that they can “Make a friend at Bethany Church”.