Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For the Season of Advent

From the Minister

Two things.

First: The new Website is up and running. A new design includes a great calendar that you can print and use as a foundation for your family calendar. To add, change or fix things - email Rev. Mark. Also, his blog and sermon pod-casts should be up and running soon as well.

Second: It is Advent. I know Christians made up the birth date, and that it is commercialized, and that it is filled with gifting dread. Ho Boy do I know gifting dread.

But, so what. It is nice to celebrate the birth at some point every year, buying gifts is the only language some have for expressing love, and Amy seems to like my gifts no matter what I think of them.

So, instead of being a grump about this stuff, decide what YOU need/want to make this season both spiritual and special. What will help you to focus on a baby who talked about loving God and neighbor? How will you love kindness, do justice, and walk with God humbly through Advent into Christmas? When will you take care of your soul and spirit? Why lose yourself in the societal confusion and chaos and become negative when you can be in control of your life and living.

Enjoy Advent and then Christmas. For the love of God.
Rev. Mark